The Thoughts Project started out as a timeline following people from the moment they got up in the morning till when they stepped into the place of study or work at 9.00 in the morning. It evolved into the Thoughts Project in which instead of basic statements and whereabouts would be personal thoughts to both illustrate their movement and each person's thinking as they made their way through their mornings. Using the basic imagery used for signs and information points in bus and train stations I illustrated the many collected thoughts through the use of pictograms. The use of some pictograms would be obvious whereas others would be a little more obscure and leave it more to the viewers imagination to work out the connection. The Thoughts from the many people would be mixed in order to make the journey more interesting and allowing the reader to gain different perspectives and opinions through what was thought. The project took the form of a book made up of strips which you would flick through to follow one timeling out of the five you were given to begin with. I've constructed two of these timelines for the web page. Click on one of the arrows to travel through one morning.

If your more likely to begin the morning with a shave move to the top arrow
if you'd begin with a glass of orange juice move to the second, lower arrow.