A number of brochures, mailers, postcards, forms, adverts and other promotional materials had to be produced for Engineering 2003 including these pieces. Postcards, like the one on the right, were sent out to the magazine's large Subscription list, along with the A5 brochure on the left. Unlike the A4 brochures these were aimed at visitors rather than exhibitors, so their job was to communicate the essential information such as time and place. As a result these brochure were more visual and less text so Mr Skeleton was introduced. This character was introduced to introduce some humour into the exhibitions promotion.

Visitor Brochure, mailers and postcard

I also produced a mailer, A4 when folded, which included a tear off section for pre-registration and the website for the exhibition and conference. The website followed the same design style as it's printed folders and letterheads with the same blues and clear white space.