The brief for this project was to design a dental health game for kids around the age of seven and under. The game had to teach kids the rights and wrongs in eating with regards to what was best for the teeth and gums but give the information in a fun, exciting way. The most obvious option to me was in a game format with which the children could interact and in doing so learn as they played.

The game I designed was called Gumsy. The game consisted of two halves, as do the best of them, the upper row of teeth and the lower. One player takes one half with the jaws board fully open. Each player would also get a random half of the playing cards. The players would then overturn the cards one by one, using the mouth space in the centre of the board. The result of each turn would depend on the image on each players' turned card. Which ever player turned the card to reveal a 'red' food, a food that would be considered bad for the teeth, would have to turn one of their teeth over to have it's black side up to represent a bad tooth. The first playerto have all their teeth turned black looses the game.