Bible Book Cover

This was a project I carried out in my third year of Art School. The brief was to create a new cover for one book of the bible that would be written by a contemporary author. I was given the Corinthians section of the bible to use and it was to be written by Peter Hoeg, writer of "Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow" and "Borderliners".

I decided to concentrate on the themes of the Corinthians book which included love and relationships, the ups and the downs. An artist who used these themes in his paintings and graphics was the New York artist Keith Haring. I thought his bright, bold coloured images of dancing, jumping, interconnecting people would be a good example of one way of making the themes of the Corinthians book into something visual. I took one image from one painting showing two people connected by what looks like a heart symbol. One small but bold image to try and put the message of the Corinthians across to a new, modern day reader.